1)Note that there would be $2 shipping & handling charges for DESSPREES
Shipping & handling fee are included in the fixed prices for the others sprees.

2)Additional $1.50 per piece for collection on normal postage. ( At your own risk)
$2.50 per piece for registered postage.

3)I will not be responsible for any lost in items through the preorders,
concealed cash or mailing of items.

4)There would be no refunds or changes once order is confirmed.
But you may change the items from the previous payment you gave.

5)Anyone whom back out when the orders is confirmed will be blacklisted.

6)The owner remains the right to choose the meet up place which will be reasonable for everyone.

7)Colours might be different from the picture shown.

8)After sending orders, it would take approximately 1 - 2 weeks of working days to arrive Sg.

9)Please do not order if you can't wait.

Thank you for purchasing! Have a nice day. :D
posted by das dasd at 1:59 AM